Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello 2014!

Everyone says they don't make resolutions.  Well I do.  I don't always and in fact I don't often  live up to them, but I like making them and then trying and retrying and trying again.   So here goes.  

This year I resolve to:
1) read a book a month. 
2) pray the rosary if not every day, get through the cycle every week.
3) write daily something.
4) Get published in newspaper, magazine and online more. 
5) Finish Penelope
6) Exercise 6 days out of 7.
7) Call my friends.
8) Play games with my kids.
9) Get a haircut once every six weeks to keep myself looking polished.
10) lose 15 lbs by this time next year.
11) Take my family on a vacation to a beach for a week.
12) toilet train the youngest two.
13) Paint the upstairs.
14) learn to cook something new each month
15) stay on budget.
16) teach two daughters how to drive.
17) get re-certified as a teacher.
18) go to adoration once a week.
19) read to my children more.
20) get to bed on time (by 11:15).   

Yes I know, it's an ambitious list, but it does make the whole year sparkle with promise doesn't it?   Going to go summon all my children to play games, have dessert and welcome in the new year.  See you tomorrow when the real adventure begins.  


Anonymous said...

11:15? Let's try for 10:30… at the latest. Sleep is good. You will really like it once you try it.

Nicole Stallworth said...

Love it. My list is about this long too but I'm paring it down in the next half hour and going into 2014 with some 5 or so top goals. And as a fellow mom of 10 (right?) may I assert that living up to resolutions is above and beyond the call of duty? Good luck with yours!

Sherry said...

Thanks Nichole. 10:30??? That's crazy talk.

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