Thursday, December 5, 2013

They Don't Hear the Beauty

These past few days, driving to school I've seen them. People waiting for buses. People sitting on their cars. People standing at stoplights.  They do not smile. They are not talking.  They look defeated by the very air they breathe.   Going to Kinkos, I smiled at the three people who came out. Holding the hand of a two year old who practically skips everywhere she goes I thought would be a lock in for garnering the smiles, but they too held the faces of people haunted by the dullness of winter even before it officially starts. (And the weather was nice yesterday too).  

I started thinking about why this is.  Why do I see so many tired faces?  The roads are festooned with electric garlands.  The radio plays the same 35 Christmas songs over and over again.  There is a constant demand on the television, "Be happy! Feast! Shop! Celebrate!" It is a command rather than an invitation.  I see the collective weight of the commercial season, crushing the spirits of those this Holy Day and season was supposed to lift.  

So how do we counter the shrill flashing tenor of the BIG STORE BIG SALE BIG FOOD BIG EVERYTHING?

By deliberately being smaller, quieter, more like a candle than a light bulb.
So today, instead of Christmas songs, carols.
Here's a lovely bit by a woman from Small Success Thursday, sung in her car no less!!!!  Ave Maria

Fast instead of buying.  Put away the anxious need to fill the emptiness with something that will not satisfy.  If you can, go to see the Blessed Sacrament, let yourself be filled.  If not, the daily scriptures are here.  Or if you need to do petitions because there are burdens which need to be laid down, Come Pray the Rosary allows you to either pray privately or with all those currently saying the day's mysteries.

Light the Advent candle.

Do not demand of yourself more than you can give.
Be a friend.
Or reach out to friends if you need them.  
Wear bright colors or your favorite jewelry.
Cultivate deliberate beauty.
Use the good china or the crystal or something special today.
Deliberately smile and meet people's eyes.

The world needs to hear the real music of this Advent, to see the true beauty undimmed by the tinsel and clatter.  That is the joy and privilege of a disciple, to go out and share these precious gifts with the world and trust that what we give, is endless and open to all.  

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