Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Blog Rosary

Today, I am doing a Blog Rosary.

What does that mean?

It means you should put your petitions in the com box and I will place them in my rosary today.  I already have the following:

1) for a friend recently widowed and her family. Done.
2) for my sister and her family, expecting their third in a week. Done.
3) for a gentleman known only as Roughcoat. He and his wife care for his parents, both of whom have Alzheimer's. He feels as if God's love is grinding him down. Done.
4) for all the people on the news today, there's a lot of despair. Done.
5) for my children who must grow up in this world. Done. 
6) for a person who worked in the mail room of my husband's office who died. Done.
7) for all the hidden crosses we encounter. Done.
8) for a family that lost a child in utero.  Done.
9) for a woman facing eye surgery.  Done.
10) For the Church and her mission.  Done. 
11) for a woman considering abortion.  Done.  

Please feel free to add. I will check back and let you know by putting DONE next to each intention after it has been done.  I hope, I need to start a second rosary before I'm finished.


Anonymous said...

For all our beloved deceased family and friends to rest in the peace.

For the protection of the unborn and the elderly'

for families who are facing economic hardships.

Maria said...

For families who are fractured due to misunderstandings, selfishness and obstinacy. May Mary show them a clear path to peace.

Nicole Stallworth said...

For my husband and me, and for our children.

Sherry said...

Maria, Nicole and Anon, thank you for participating in the Blog Rosary. Invite others to be a part of this, and I'll try to grow it by doing this again next week. Your intentions were part of this week's Blog Rosary. The Rosary is as of yet unfinished, so more intentions can still be added.

Anonymous said...

For those who are single, that they embrace the life God has given them; for those preparing to be married; for those who are going through divorce or loss of a spouse; for those discerning priesthood or religious life

Unknown said...

For a friend's son who has been diagnosed with epilepsy and is not responding well to medication. He goes in for testing next week and is only 3.

Unknown said...

For my wife and me, that we may accept God's.plans for us.

Unknown said...

For my wife and me, that we may accept God's.plans for us.

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