Friday, June 21, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Why The Kid is Named North

10) Apple was already taken.

9) Wouldn't be confused by multiple kids responding when being called on in school. 

8) Kim lost a bet with her sister Khloe and it was either that or promise to forego the epidural.

7) Wanted to name the kid South but SWA wouldn't bite so the corporate tie in with The North Face a lock for this baby!

6) Taylor Swift accepted Kanye's apology, but with one small proviso...

5) North...West.. Middle name to be By North. They're also big into Alfred Hitchcock.

4)  Closet Tea Partiers, they chose to honor former marine, Oliver.

3) Kim...."North?  You announced that our daughter's name is North????I said Nordstrom!!!!!"

2) Wanted a name with real altitude...then realized they really meant attitude.

1) Would anyone be discussing their not yet born daughter if she was a girl named Sue? 

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RAnn said...

As most mothers realize, if your child is doing something stupid, but not immediately harmful just to gain attention, the best thing to do is just ignore him.

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