Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. So I'm trying to read Blessings and the English major in me says keep plugging.  The immature part of me says, "Hey! You've got some Rick Riordan and the 9 Lives of a Girl and three other books just waiting over here like lost chocolate chip cookies. Why not skip the vegetables and live a little?  I'm resolved, I will finish this book before I get to dessert, or gain five pounds thinking about it. 

2. There's a cute little fluffy bunny that lives in our back yard. I thought it was cute when my cute little toddler called me over to watch it for what felt like eleventy thousand minutes as it chewed clover.  I thought she and it were adorable until I realized the little rodent had dug up a flower arrangement of ours to create a new home.  I banged on the window.  The rabbit hopped off. It needs to lay off our garden or I'll get real Mr. MacGregor type mean and catch the little bugger for my kids as a pet.  Of course then we'll be back to spending hours staring at the bunny.  Still, when she does that, it's melt your heart cute. 

3.  Today is the last day of Sister Sharon working at my children's school. She's been so much more than just a kids' principal, she's been a friend.  I told her she was part of the bones of the school now.   It is a brave thing to spend a year in prayer discerning God's will in your life.  Prayers for her year in sabbatical to be fruitful. 

4.  Yesterday, I wrote about zombies.  Today, my daughter showed me a short film that blew my mind.  It is proof that a luminous story can be made even in the odd genre of horror. 

5.  Entering the World of my son.

Yesterday, I went outside to check the garden. Normally I bring my keys but with all ten kids at home, I felt fine simply leaving to harvest some lettuce.  When I returned, the door was locked and no one was in sight.  I knocked and my 4 year old son Paul walked by. He saw me. He saw I wanted in and tried to open the door, but the deadbolt was on so he couldn't.  At this point, I was prepared to go around to the front and ring the bell but I saw my son walk to the doorway to the basement and call very loudly for his sisters. I could see him gesturing and talking, trying to convey in muted muddled language, "The door is locked. Come open the door. Mom is at the door." I heard all three conveyed as he called out for his sisters.  When neither came, he looked over at me worried, put his had out as if to reassure me, and ran to the room where his other siblings were watching television.  By this point, his oldest sister came up, explaining she had heard him and was coming, but Paul also returned with three siblings to get the door open.  I remain amazed by his determination and focus given the level of complexity of the situation he had to communicate. 

6.  And now, an immature grouse.

The package says Bacon.  Serving Size.  1 Slice. 
And all I can think is, "Are You Kidding ME??????"  

7.  It's my birthday...or it will be....

I turn 47 next week.  Blogging will probably be light if only from the cake coma.  Just an FYI. 

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