Friday, October 19, 2012

The Al Smith Dinner

I saw both speeches. Both made me laugh. Both made me like the candidates (yes both of them) for the men they are, as opposed to their politics. I did think Govenor Romney was a bit too sharp at moments, but laughed none the less.

Here's the President's roast.

Both were charming and fun. My one question, where were these guys before this dinner?  I will concede, I like self depricating humor best and think whoever remembers that a touch of humility speaks louder than any brags, will do better in the election.  Yes I've still grave non negotiable issues but it was good to see both candidates being more human than debates or campaigns allow.

Then I saw the Cardinal Dolan's closing Benediction which I've only been able to find over at Whispers in the Loggia.  The section on the "uns" of this country is profoundly moving.  So go watch, I'll wait.  But in my opinion, (Spoiler Alert), he wins.  Hands down.  Loved it.

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