Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Stepping on the scale, it certainly is Mardi Gras. (Sigh). Ten days of being snowbound did not help with my nutrition or weight. There are cups and towels and shoes and socks and papers and magic cards and pennies and Valentine scraps and cheerios scattered everywhere. Every room is a project waiting for a devotion of an entire day. Last week, we shoveled snow, this week; I will be shoveling everything else.

It's like the kids were house guests who threw a week long party and you know the rule about fish and visitors. Three days, they've been here 10. Even if school had not been in session, the kids would have been dropped off there today for at least 5 hours. But I'm not completely heartless; I would have packed them lunches and maybe a snack.

But I've decided for Lent, I'm not going to indulge my irritated gritch that resents when the lion's share of the domestic chores get left for her to do. I'm giving her up. She wasn't very good company, she didn't even get much done and no one will miss her, not even me.

Naturally whenever one reaches for grace, the world pulls back with all its vigor. Look. Your daughter just deliberately poured an entire box of cheerios onto the floor and began smashing them. The gritch was ready to pounce but I handed my daughter the shop vac and watched as she took care of the problem.

The rest of the house loomed. I made beds. When I found my daughter's lost shoe, three bottles, fifteen socks and a spare load of laundry sitting in the closet from a child's attempt to clean the room without cleaning, I reminded myself, all suffering is a means of grace.
All suffering is a means of grace. All suffering is a means of grace.

Then I found a puddle of water from the melted snow in the basement requiring seven big towels. There were books that I had collected and ordered taken to the bookcases in the basement that had been placed on the floor where they got to soak up all the snowy goodness instead. There were also legos everywhere and a costume box that had been dumped. Grrrrrrr.
The Gritch loomed, "See? See? Ash Wednesday isn't until tomorrow." she hissed.

Maybe I'll just give up chocolate.


Unknown said...

My yoga pants are stretched to capacity...10 days homebound is not good for the waistband! I wish you the best with your lenten journey. I borrowed your grinch this afternoon and it was quite effective on the disaster one that is my home. I pray you can release her into the wilds of Lent.
Blessings and Grace...

MightyMom said...

good luck giving up ms grinch....I've noticed that grinches (at least mine) become more clingy and mouthy the more I try to get away from them


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