Friday, March 13, 2009

My Grown Up Christmas List

There's this song, it's kind of syrupy and so I haven't decided if I like it or not, "My Grown Up Christmas List." The cynic in me goes bleah. The true believer that knows our own hearts yearn for a reality that is more real and more loving and more authentic than the one we have, concedes that the words still move. So I am at odds with myself whenever this song comes on the Radio during Christmastime. So here's my wish list two and a half months after December 25th. I'll be sending out Christmas Cards on Saint Patrick's Day. Last year, it was Feb 2nd when they got mailed. Look for a card tax day in 2010.

That having been said, as I was cleaning the kitchen with my shop-vac this morning, I sighed that the attatchment that would make this job much swifter has been lost to the toy bins of the ages, all because once, I assigned vacumning to my daughter and she took offense. In retaliation for being required to sully her hands with a mere domestic chore, she promptly lost one of the attachments. Then, the next time, another, and as such, I have the machine and the hose and the three tubes, and the holder for the attachments, but no extras. I've searched. I've had her search. She doesn't remember.

So I'd like to have a new sucking attachment to my vacumn. I'd also like some backs for all my matching GOOD earings, but since that requires that I take said earings to a jewelry store, they sit unworn in my dresser. I'd like the other pink velcro easy for her to put on shoe that fits my daughter to reappear and I'd like to walk into my basement and not need to steel myself before I do it.

While I'm wishing, someone would put two wire shelves in the back basement and help me reorder the memory boxes that were in great shape until the existing shelving gave out, causing six plastic bins of sorted photos to crash and scatter. They'd also take away the tile table top in the back basement. Someone would fix the light in our bathroom that I can't reach with a step ladder and which seems stuck such that both adults in the house are afraid to mess with it. I'm tired of sitting in darkness. It's been more than a year.

My grown up Christmas list does not warm hearts or demand a lot of money, but it would sure be nice not to have a fully working bathroom at night. Both the cynic and the true believer would rejoice. Talk about peace on earth.

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