Wednesday, January 30, 2019

You Know It's Cold if...

10) When your kids hold a contest between the outside and the inside with ice trays and the outside wins. 

9) The outside temperature is lower than the mean age of your children.

8) There isn't a place to fly to in the 48 that won't require a coat and possibly gloves and a hat.

7) The pump on your fish pond freezes in mid spray. 

6) People are considering whether they could make ice cream outside.

5) My diet cokes are now stashed in the back yard. 

4) Kids are volunteering to do the laundry so they can sit next to the dryer.

3) Children who don't like soup and tea are hoping I'll have it for lunch so they can hold the bowl and the cup as they bring it to me at the table. 

2) When your child asks for a shake at the drive-thru, the response is, "Are you kidding me?" 

1) The asking price for every task indoors is a cup of hot chocolate.
The asking price for every task outdoors is every task indoors instead. 

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