Thursday, January 3, 2019

January 3rd

So it's day three.  What were my resolutions again?  Good thing I wrote them down. 

So...organization...we're decluttering.  How to put this...I walk into my garage these days, and it's a surprise every time because I can walk into my garage these days. 

I've cleared out some of the paperwork, it's shredder time.  There's something darkly cathartic and primeval about putting paper into a machine to be destroyed.  Maybe I've just watched too many murder mystery shows but the thing feels sinister, like I'm destroying evidence. I'm not.  But it feels that way. 

Exercise...hold please.   I did get to 12,000 steps, but I don't think sorting paper should count toward those steps, and moving your hands --which I did, pads the count.      I've done some math. If I exercise every day for an hour, I'm surrendering fifteen days to the gym.  That's a two week non-stop non fun fest.  Goal to make exercise happen, to make it to the gym 3x a week and exercise two of the other days.  I will make a go of this...I promised me.   

Editing...six pages's a start.

Piano...playing a piece a day. 

Reading ...found my book...and my glasses. is my blog.  I wrote something. 

Sleep...what is this thing you speak of?  Am getting seven, would love eight.

Prayer...working on that one, seems the Holy Spirit is interested in me praying with other people this year.  Opportunities keep popping up. 

Just so you know, there are 362 days left to get healthier, holier, more organized, more prayerful, more educated, and more...the person I know I'm supposed to be. 

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