Thursday, April 19, 2018

Small Success Thursday Take Two...

If you want the official Small Success Thursday post, it's up and it's here.
However, this afternoon, I spent time talking with my children, and one of them talked about encouraging a friend they had in Florida.  She counseled, "Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the fact you aren't doing some big earth shattering thing.  Look at today.  You talked to a friend.  I made a cake and cleaned a room."  She didn't think about it, but she'd created a superior Small Success Thursday.  Celebrating the little things of each day, is a way of keeping one's self from becoming discouraged at all the minutia which can clutter up one's heart any given week.   So I'm thinking about the little victories of the past week and giving thanks, most especially for the example of a Small Success Thursday from my own home.   

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