Thursday, March 8, 2018's Thursday

So I'm posting Small Success Thursday.   Will wonders never cease? 

Hopefully not.

In other news, we took the youngest four to see Peter Rabbit and it was a fun movie.  I now have a personal favorite creature,  I always thought I was The Country Bunny...

but now I've discovered, 

The idea of a cucumber ninja bunny who doesn't count the ribs she breaks...or doesn't count them correctly anyway, tickled me to no end.   

In other news:

 My daughter Bonn got into Maryland Institute of Creative Art for graduate school.   Peter has narrowed down his choices to two schools, we ordered his cap and gown and had a snow day last week.   We also are celebrating the beginning of birthday season with the first of four birthdays which fall fast upon each other. 

It's a busy week in the Antonetti household. 

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