Friday, January 19, 2018

Two-for One Friday

I know, I didn't link up to yesterday's Small Success Thursday.  I did take down the tree though, and vote for my son...a bit of maternal boasting here if you don't already know, my son was up for Maryland Boy Athlete of the week.  He ran a 1600 meter in 4:25, and an 800 afterwards in 1:59.  Both personal records for him, and both allowing him to win the events over all.   It was cool and we celebrated it by all casting votes on our phones, DS's, computers, etc.  and honestly, his smile was so wide, so awesome.  It made my day. 

I have a piece on the March for Life over at the National Catholic Register today.  I'd written it because I wanted to get at the reasoning behind the march, and also the fuller understanding of what it means to be Pro-life.  It's easy for the message to get muddled with politics and I honestly don't want that to happen.   The goal is always, as Mark Shea and others have said, to be more pro-life, not less, ergo, there isn't a point at which we're supposed to give up, to ignore, or to allow ourselves not to see those who suffer, and demand of ourselves, an accounting. 

I know, in discussing this online, it's not easy. It's not ever going to be simple, and it is long haul, this is an infinite promise we make when we sign on to the sacrament of Confirmation, to be the hands and feet of Christ, and to be sent out in the world as a sign and contradiction, as a source of salt and light, warmth and healing, hope and genuine friendship, to all we encounter from that point forward, on beyond death.   

Time to get to work. 

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