Monday, October 3, 2016

What's My Sign Today? Hold Please

Today, I spent 30 minutes trying to get back onto my blog, because I forgot the password to my email, and thus had to get the code from my phone to access my email so I could then access the password for the blog. Getting the code meant finding the phone, which I'd put on silent yesterday and now couldn't find by sound.  

My son needs documentation proving he is the age I say he is, birth certificate proves he was born, but not who he is now, ergo we need his student ID, which he has lost, which prevents me from taking him to get a learner's permit or a social security card.  So I need him to go get a new student ID so I can then take the student ID to go get him a social security card so we can then go and have him take a test to get a learner's permit.  We also need my oldest college student to give me documentation so I can add her to the insurance, and only a DL will do.  She's not here so I need to email her to send me a copy so I can go to the office and give the copy to the officials.

Or I can bring my tax forms, but since they were filed over the internet, the signature page isn't signed, so it doesn't count unless I go by the accountant, have them sign, and then bring it.   The accountant isn't open on Monday, so it will have to wait until tomorrow before it can begin.

My entire morning can be summed up as "There's a Hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza."  The entire world is giving me the message, "Be back in five minutes.  Hold please."  I recognize when the universe is saying give up, try again tomorrow.  I yield.

If anyone needs me this afternoon, I'll be slumming on my bed watching Netflix and eating chocolate.

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