Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Connect the Dots with Mark Shea

Mondays at five o'clock, you can catch us live and text us 1-573-4BREAD4 or tweet us @breadboxmedia.  After six o'clock on Monday, you have to search for the talk by looking here for Connecting the Dots with Mark Shea, click on the one that says "with Sherry Antonetti." I am the Robin (girl wonder) to his Batman, and together, we fight crime, or at least boredom, by talking about Catholicism, life, books and all the fun things you can chew through in an hour podcast.

We're talking books with Regina Doman.  Favorite books.  Books that grabbed our hearts and shaped how we think.

I am a fitful reader, but do have some favorites (who doesn't).  These are in no particular order.

10) The Liar's Club
9) On Writing
8) The Trojan Women and Other Plays
7) The Illiad
6) Emma
5) The Elegance of the Hedgehog
4) The Glass Castle
3) In this House of Brede
2) Our Mutual Friend
1) The Great Divorce

We also delve into what became an interesting discussion about Nostra Aetate of Vatican II and the subsequent fuller elaboration from the Vatican in December of 2015 "The Gifts and the Calling of God are Irrevokable."  I knew neither of these two documents and they're worth a read.   So, homework on your podcast today, but it's fitting since I'm now a teacher.

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