Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Poem

Why isn't the World different?
Why isn't the World better?
Why isn't the World
full of happier people?

We are a world
of 7.1 billion Sauls
living our lives
hopefully on our way to Damascus.

We do not know this Jesus
or why these people
keep proclaiming
"He is risen."

They must be crazy.
They must be lying.
But why would they go so far
as to die to preserve a myth?

We have to ask
when we have the time
why we long for a better world
than the one we live in?

What made us wish or dream or even pray
for something more, something eternal?
Nothing satisfies, yet we are forever longing.
How could we be bred and wired for something that isn't?

So we go back to these men
and back to these women
who say something we couldn't fathom
which can't possibly be true

and yet they tremble as they profess it
even unto death they cry out this truth.
Which leaves us with What if Easter Is?
What would the world look like if everyone knew

Easter is

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