Sunday, February 21, 2016

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On Thursday, I called my husband and told him the weekend schedule. It included an audition at 9:10 in the morning on Saturday and a 3:15 basketball game on Sunday followed by a pizza party and a 6 o'clock meeting for me on Sunday night.  

Thinking about all that chopping up of the day, I had only one solution.  We needed a date night.
So my husband got us tickets to the FolgerTheatre's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream! 

I'd have to take the metro,which might make things iffy for an 8 o'clock curtain so I left at six.  Arriving with plenty of time, the Folgers' theatre is one block from the Supreme Court.

The line on the sidewalk opposite the show stretched for three blocks.  "Someone should write a story about all the people coming here to pay their respects."  Armed with a marker and my Lenten Magnificat, I walked the line to ask people about why they came, what the Supreme Court Justice meant to them.  The result?

People came from all over to say thank you and good bye to Justice Antonin Scalia.

Oh, and if you can go to this years' production of the bard's play, it's awesome.  If I could play any part in a Bard play, it would be Puck.  It's my favorite favorite play.  Man it was fun.We had a great time.

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