Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Action Figures

For Christmas, Paul got the Adventures of Superman, which energized his siblings to find our old copies of the Adventures of Batman and Robin.  Binge watching, Paul went all out and dressed in his own Robin costume, or Iron Man, or Captain America or Batman, depending upon which of those costumes was not in the washer.  

Before February, he'd made the commitment to become a superhero.  Every night, he wore a costume over his pajamas.  Every morning, he grudgingly allowed me to put him in his civies.    He'd don the cape as soon as he got home.

We fished out the figurines and you could tell, his imagination flew higher than his vocabulary.

His brothers got into the act, tying the heroes to strings and dangling them from the upstairs to simulate flying.  However every superhero needs a villain.  

And so it was that eventually, his brothers and sisters formed the Legion of Doom and hid the DVD's that had become old news for all the olders.   The caped crusader, skilled in detective tactics, understood this was his family's darkest hour.  He ran downstairs. He rifled through the bookshelves. He even checked under his brother's beds.  Finally, in desperation, he enlisted the help of his younger sister, clad in her Supergirl suit.

She knew where, and more importantly, she knew who.

Five minutes later, they were back in Superhero binging business.

I'm not sure but I think the sixteen year old said, "Curses, foiled again."

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