Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Baconater

Sunday, we didn't follow our normal routine.  Everyone slept in, past the point of making it to the nine o'clock.  Without mass to set the schedule, we tried to go about the day, ever mindful we'd have to coordinate ourselves for later to make Sunday's obligation. I made our ordinary breakfast of bagels and bacon, my husband took a group to go to the grocery store.

Now my family has bacon eaters (8) and non bacon eaters. (4).  We who love the stuff, are very grateful for those who don't.   More for us.  What I didn't know until this morning, was we had one more in our clan of the bacon eating sneeches; one who snitches.    Because bacon is a precious meat to those of us who love it, I'd placed the saved servings for those out shopping under a paper towel.   Having fed everyone at home, I felt satisfied I could go about the rest of the morning.  When the shoppers returned, they'd have breakfast.

It was a big shop and took a long time.   I started a wash, did the dishes, and sat down to write.

My four year old came to me about fifteen minutes before my husband and son returned with the food for the week.  She announced she'd discovered she liked bacon.  I started to get up.  "Oh no, I was saving that for your dad and brother."  She put her hand on mine.  "I know.  I saved them five pieces."   Five pieces, I'd saved three strips for each so she'd eaten one.  Okay, no worries, no problem.

After unloading all the bags and stowing all the food, my husband asked for breakfast.  I toasted bagels for my two shoppers and went to get the plate from the microwave.  On it were five finger nail sized stubs of bacon.  

"There are five."  I said.
"They are pieces." my husband said.
"It is bacon." my son said.
They nibbled at the remains.

Anna proudly pointed.  "I saved these for you Dad."

It was as much bacon as she could bear to share.

"Good thing you brought home more." and I got out the pan and went to the refrigerator.

"More bacon?" Anna's eyes shined with anticipation.  She sat down next to her father.  "Will you share too?"

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Anonymous said...

I am laughing and marveling at Anna's restraint. Please tell her that Lucy Grace would have done the same thing.

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