Monday, July 20, 2015

Be Very....Very Quiet

In our yard, there are three wild rabbits.  My kids keep trying to run out the door and catch them. One created a trap using a bin and a carrot as bait and spent the whole morning watching, hoping the bunny would bite. He got bored before any long eared rodents got curious.

Now the kids know I've caught a bunny for a pet, they've heard the story.

So this evening, after dinner, the kids were loud.  To get a bit of a break, I took out the trash.  The smallest rabbit spied me while feeding on some clover and froze. Not wanting to scare it, I sat on the driveway for a time, watching the fireflies and the moon, taking in the air now that it wasn't as humid or hot.  The bunny didn't move.  I didn't either.  We regarded each other for about fifteen minutes.

When I got up to leave, the rabbit resumed its feed, but it wasn't scared.   I walked within three feet of it, before going back into the house.  

Next time the kids are racing about the home making a ruckus, I'm going to tell them the secret of catching a pet rabbit.

You have to go outside and sit very still and very silent for at least, fifteen minutes.   Maybe I'll make them practice inside, before letting them test it with the real thing.    


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Fun! Can they do it? I always feel bad about scaring bunnies when I go out to pick up the newspaper or hang laundry.

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