Monday, March 2, 2015

For Larry D

Larry D runs a blog, Acts of the Apostasy.  He wrote about how he despised Patheos at one point, and now he's writing for them.

Now me, I've loved Patheos ever since I discovered it and now...I'm still here.

But I'm not envious or anything like that, no.  I'm grateful and filled with Catholic joy for my fellow Catholic blogger and his success at becoming part of the big league of Catholic bloggers over there hanging out with The Anchoress, Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher. 

While I'd love to be part of the cool kids who all seem to fit in, I'm here in blogville double A farm team. So in honor of all those who warm the bench of the Catholic blogosphere, I offer this tribute to Larry D.  
Want to be a Patheos Catholic blogger,
want to send links to my sister and my brothers...
want to have my smiling face...
in the listings at Catholic Patheos......
as a blogger for Catholic Patheos.......

but again, not jealous. I promise.  

1 comment:

LarryD said...

You are a hoot! I'm laughing at this. Thanks!

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