Friday, March 6, 2015

Catholic Conference 4 Moms!

Today, I'm part of a great group of women and men in an online conference.  Go to Catholic Conference 4 Moms,  to see the line up of talks!  You can register for free here.  What do you get?  You get to watch short Mom Ted talks about the challenges of motherhood, with special needs, with technology, with time management, with stress, with fatigue, with isolation.  You get to meet some fabulous moms from all over the country, and with all different size families, who are speaking from the heart, and hopefully, touch yours.  

Gathering around the Lenten Table by Celeste Behe.

The Culprits That Steal a Mom's Joy
and How to Thwart Them
by Stephanie Wood Weinhart

How Hard is it to be a Mother Today?
by January Donovan

Blessed Among Women: How Moms Can
Encourage Priestly Vocations
by Rev. Jeffery Kirby

Praying With Children
by Mazza Urbanski

Cafe Confidante: Why Women
Need Girlfriends
by Suzie Lloyd

Liturgy of the Hours: Sanctifying
Your Day in His Name and In
His Word
by Daria Sockey

Communication Technology
and Our Kids: What are We Losing?
by Mary Standford

A Quiver Full
by Ellen Morgan

How to Know God's Will in Your Life
by Christina M Weber

How You and Your Family Can
Eat Your Way to Salvation, A Foodie's Guide
by Jeff Young

Look Mom, That Baby Looks Funny:
Responding to Families with Special Needs
by Jeannie Ewing

My Conversion and the Little Oratory
by Leila Marie Lawler

Sharing Your Faith Story
by Nancy Ward

How to Be a Truly Rich Mom
by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez

Trusting God with Saint Therese
by Connie Rossini

Our Sacrifice of Love in Motherhood
by Kimberly Cook

You Too Can Be a Saint
by Rachel Balducci

5 Daily Habits That Will Get You Out
and Stay Out of Survival Mode
by Tami Kiser aka Smart Martha

Sherry's note: She's also the person who put together the conference so kuddos!

Responsible Parenthood or How I Came to Have Five Kids
by Gable Hrkach

Sex Ed in the Internet Age
by Michael Rittenhouse

Parent Power: Resources to Help You Raise Virtuous Kids
by Brenda Cerkez

Managing Stress with the Help of Your Catholic Faith
by Mary Lou Rosien

Helpful Hints on Becoming a Healthy, Happy
Holy Family
by Kim Capelle

Love and Marriage Through the Bible
For the Sixth Grade Student to the Curious Adult
by Christian LeBlanc

Creativity and Faith: How to Create a
Spiritual Vision Board
by Theresa Ceniccola

and oh yeah,   Me.

How Can I Be Holy When All I Do All Day is Change Diapers?
by Sherry Antonetti

I'd tell you which ones are my favorites, but honestly, in typing out these people's names and looking at their summaries of their talks and experience, I want to see them all.   So go, refresh yourself with CatholicConference4Moms, put on for you by Tami Kiser and a bunch of hard working behind the scenes people including her son who filmed and edited my talk and made me sound much smarter than I remember.

Memo to me...get a cover shot.

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