Friday, September 5, 2014

7 Quick Takes

1.  TBR list.   I need to create one.  Why?  Because I do what I put on lists. If it's not on a list, it's not happening.  I write Blog on a list every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday, and SST on Monday so it's ready for Thursday which I didn't do this week and thus, no Small Success Thursday was written.  So, on to my To Be Read list. 
Yep.  I start to make a list and it gets unreasonable.  But here's my next five.
A Pius Trilogy
The Odyssey
The Elegance of the Hedgehog
The Hemlock Society
The Hunger Games --because I haven't read it.
3.  What am I doing?   Reading, adjusting to having two in high school, four in elementary and one in middle school plus two in college and one at home.   Also editing a book (not mine). 
4.  So what are you writing?  Well, this blog has been a bit dusty lately.  So I'm trying to get back to a writing regimen.  I also am working on Penelope but it's been hard lately to carve out time.
5. How's the diet going?  I'm down 4 lbs. from my worst number, but have 14 to go to meet my goal. 
6.  How's the exercise going?  Well, it's hot.  So my daughter has put me on a core work out.  We'll see how well I do.  I have gone two weeks sans fast food so I know that's good for me.
7.  Is this blog ever going to tell funny slice of life stories again?  Yes.  I'm going to work on restarting my humor blog so it isn't all just what it has been as of late. 

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