Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to...I know, writing lists is a lazy way to blog but I've been lazier so this is progress. 

So today, I turn 48.  A new year looms with bright and shiny promises. 48 years. 48 candles.  48 wishes.  Why not? 

48. This year I'll finish writing my second book, and become a published author again.
47.  I start working on my third.
46.  I'll get certified for teaching.
45. I'll lose 15 pounds. 
44.  It won't be the same 15 pounds because I gained 16.
43.  I will learn to cook a new dish that I can make regularly. *one that won't make me gain weight because I eat too much of it.
42. I'll read two books a month for myself.
41. And read to at least 4 of my children daily.
40. I'll schedule a dentist appointment.
39.  And a physical.
38.  I'll eat more fruit and vegetables.
37.  I'll go to a concert
36.  and a play
35.  And a vineyard for a tasting.
34.  I'll swim in the ocean.
33. I'll zipline because it's stupid and silly and fun and will scare me to pieces.
32.  I'll rollerblade with my daughters because it's cool.
31.  I'll plan six of the minimum 12 dates we have each year for my husband.  (already have the first set up for July 27th).
30.  I'll write more letters. 
29.  pray the daily rosary
28.  practice piano
27.  Go to museums with my children
26. and zoos
25.  and parks
24.  and pools
23.  and libraries
22. and let them see, I love all of this.
21.  I'll repaint a room
20.  and paint a real picture
19. and hang it on my wall.
18.  I'll put fresh flowers on the table
17.  and sometimes candles other than birthdays
16. and turn off the screens
15  and the radios
14 and all the machines
13 to cultivate a peace in the home.
12. I'll let my children see me praying
11. and reading
10. and thinking
9.  and playing.
8.  So they know adulthood doesn't mean mere grim duty or dull responsibility. It isn't all vegetables, housework, homework and bills.
7. I hug them more
6. so they know hugs are a given, love is a given, and hopefully, joy is a given.
5.  I'd like to make it to an extra mass a week.  So I'll put it on the schedule.
4.  I'll phone my brothers and sister more often,
3. and make deliberate plans with friends, rather than wondering why I never get to do things or why it always seems to be some day but that some day doesn't come.
2.  I'll volunteer more and be a participant rather than an attention hog. 
1.  and wear more red because I love the color. 

Happy Birthday.  I've lots to do.  Can't wait to get started!


Helene said...

Fantastic list! I hope you meet all your goals and enjoy it all. A very happy birthday to you!

LarryD said...

Happy Birthday, from a fellow July birthday celebrant! (7/8).

Love the list, too.

Barb, ofs said...

What a great idea--a wish for each year! Happy birthday to you, from your other July birthday buddy (28th).
And happy birthday, LarryD!

ama said...

Happy Wonderful Birthday Wishes! That is a beautiful list; a great gift to yourself and those you love.

ama said...

Happy Wonderful Birthday Wishes! That is a beautiful list; a great gift to yourself and those you love.

Anonymous said...

I love your list! I hope you have a very happy birthday!

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