Sunday, July 6, 2014

Eat Sleep Write Guest Poster

Today, I have a piece over at Eat Sleep Write's writer blog.  The inspiration for this post came from listening to my two brothers talk about starting to write, and mulling over what I suspect delayed and derailed me from finishing Helen in less than seven years.  I'm hoping others can learn not to listen as long to those demons that prevent really committing to finishing a writing project, and now that I've properly led in the purpose of my posted piece, I have no excuse not to go and crank out some words on Penelope today.   :)   

So go enjoy the wisdom I work to follow but don't always, about writing a book over at Eat Sleep Write. 

I'll try to do a post on the 7 slugs of procrastination next week.  They include the shiny internet, the laundry monster, the ohhh look, I have a kindle, I should really read this first jump in liner interrupting bug, I'm hungry munching monster, who delays work and helps me gain weight, the blank page ghost who shoes you away with its awful nothingness, and the I have 16 errands I put off from yesterday plus 12 today bugger, who often is right, but smug about it.  

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