Monday, April 28, 2014

And Now, Bragging about my Kin...

Will Clark Green (my cousin) won the Lone Star Music awards!  Here's a clip of the song that won him the award.  Give a listen, I think you'll love it.  Unlike many songs on the radio these days, this one includes humor, gives a sense of time and paints a long scope of a relationship.  

Enjoy  "She likes the Beatles" and if you like it, go check out his whole CD, Rose Queen.  The rest of the music contains similar narrative stories of pain, love, loss, regret and family.    I'm not normally a CW fan as far as music goes, but I love the poetry of his work, and would even if he weren't my cousin.  

My second brag involves my son Peter.  He struggles with many things, not the least of which is being that hard age of 14 in a large family, athletic where most of us are bookish, and surrounded by as he puts it, "too many girls." This weekend, he ran in a 5k --piece of cake for him really, with his older sister.  The run had approximately 200+ people in it, to raise money for Good Counsel, the high school his sister attends.  

He came in second.  He didn't want to let me take his picture or I'd have it plastered over the internet by now.  The cool thing was the young men who came in after him, all six inches taller, four of them walked over to Peter.  They asked how old he was, and said if he came to Good Counsel, he'd better be on the cross country because he just beat half the team, and by quite a margin. 

It was a moment of what just happened here?  Wow! for me.  

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Helene said...

Congratulations to your son! How fabulous!

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