Thursday, March 20, 2014

Small Success Thursday

Come over to and share your successes for the week, and last week two if you like.
This week I:

1. Got reading glasses. I've been playing move that book back and forth until you can see for a few months and it needed to stop, so this week, I went to the eye doctor's and took care of things.

2. I visited a school where Paul might attend next year, met the faculty, toured the grounds and it was a really nice place. Choosing a school for Paul is difficult because you don't want him to be at the top or the bottom, you don't want him to lag behind or be unable to reach where he can go, so even though you know his class will be different, you look for someone who seems like Paul.  At the last school, I didn't see anyone.  At this place, I did.  

3.  Date Night Saturday was the Auction /Dinner Dance. It's always a favorite, and this year, I needed to hug my friends and dance and feast and it was perfect.  

Now it's your turn over at Catholic Mom!

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