Sunday, March 2, 2014

Because it's Friday...Saturday...Sunday

1. The Surest Route to Bankruptcy
Today, I was in a book store.  Oh I want them all.  I look at the books and know I don't have time to read this much and still, I see each one like a glowing ember, but one I could hold. I want to consume them, so I view Heaven as having the opportunity to read everything delightful, and the will to do so.  Because part of my love for books is a form of gluttony, as I have a stack of stories to read six thick. With books I'm like an Alcoholic, I can't stop at just one.
2.  The Shortest Route to Never being Discovered

Is not to keep writing, and so I keep this blog to make sure I keep writing.  I also keep trying to get at Penelope, and life keeps getting in the way.  This is an irony because next week, I'm scheduled to give a talk on making time to write.  Yeah, I can hear God laughing at me.   In the interest of full disclosure, I'm laughing at me too.
3. The Coolest Thing I did This Week
I went to see the Eagles with my husband on Saturday night.  This was their opening song.
I'll tell you what happened, an Eagles Concert!
4. The New Project
In addition to Penelope --which yes I'm still writing, stop looking at me like that, I've got another project, a Catholic book, Making the Domestic Church Beautiful.  You've seen some posts that are part of it, and I'm going to outline it and see where it leads. 
5. The New Proposal
I am looking for a job as a teacher. I'd like to teach literature and writing, but I'll be happy just to find a position, I wouldn't mind being the resource teacher or the Special Educator.  I sent off for transcripts last week.  This week, I'm securing my recommendations and signing up for the certification test.   I may need to cram on the math.  I can hear my children enjoying a moment of Schadenfreud. 
6. What other mischief are you getting into? 

I've started a discussion over on Linked In about the need to be able to give the pitch of your story in a single sentence.  It's how you hook a new reader, a potential agent, a publishing company, etc.  By giving them a sampler that whets the appetite for the rest of the story.  It's not easy.  But it's been fun helping others to distill their works. 
For The Book of Penelope: The Odyssey Home was nothing compared to the trials left behind for Penelope. 
I'm still working on it, I'm not quite satisfied.
7.   Tomorrow is a projected Snow Day!  Planning to read, sleep in and make soup.  Everyone else will get to shovel.  (I can dream).

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