Thursday, October 3, 2013

Small Success Thursday

The other day I dug out an old humor piece for a writer's forum.  I used to be funny.  This blog has had few spats of funny in between being a soap box and hopefully, a source of Evangelization in recent years, it's moved away from being a humor blog, in part because my children have grown older. They're no less funny mind you, but they are of an age in many cases, where it might seem to them that I am laughing at, rather than through the experience of raising them.  So I've curtailed my writing of stories about their lives as a result.  Something was lost in that decision, memories that otherwise would be remembered, but now only are as hazy background.  I've tried to start up again, but forced humor always sounds exactly that way, forced. I can write humor easily, but it started to feel more like a cry for attention than a desire to tell a story.  I say this because I wonder what I'm supposed to do with this blog that I've tried twice before to shut down, and twice before, I came back to with a vengeance.  

Writing is important to me.  But does blogging keep me from writing what is important?  I'm not sure.   I've decided to pray about this, and to take a week to fast from blogging.  Not much I admit, but I want to know, am I called to continue this little hobby, or is it time to stop.  I'll be praying to discern how God wants me to use this gift of writing and I do promise to return next Thursday, to tell you my reflections on the week without.   So my small success for today, is the surrender of this little corner of cyberspace for the next seven days.   See you October 10th.

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