Friday, October 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1.  I am still a dancing fool.  Last night, the kid's elementary school held a family dance.  I ignored the protest of the cool eight grader and took the youngest six.  I let the cool 8th grader and his two older sisters order pizza.  He let me wear his black stetson.  I wore a stetson because my hair needs a visit with the hair salon and it hasn't made it yet.  Besides...
"Stetsons are cool." --11th Dr. Who

And 4 of the six of my kids danced.  Not with me mind you, but I danced anyway.  My 9 year old son sought to eat his weight in chips. Admittedly, he's not very heavy so it isn't as much as one might think, but still.  Eventually, he figured the best way to allow himself to get into the music was to be a big brother, so he swooped up his little sister and danced with her on his back half the evening.   I had Paul.  Paul doesn't need me to dance.  Paul doesn't need music to dance. Paul, like his mother, is a dancing fool.  However the joy on his face to see not just me, but people, lots of people moving, was awesome.  I know people took pictures, but I didn't because I was dancing.   

2.  I know the internet is a big thing and politics are important.  But I have come to the point that I have zero patience with those who either constantly flash their political ideology with all the subtly of a McDonald's commercial, or who damn and curse anyone who dares to think the side they don't like is anything less than Satan incarnate. 

So if you post me about how much you can't stand President Obama and how the Democrats are looting Fort Knox ala Goldfinger, creating taxes to be assessed on all the actual physical space you take up in a lifetime and beyond and editing classic books to eliminate any whiff of conflict, while sending subliminal messages through your cell phones, or how the GOP is killing puppies, stockpiling all the good things in life in secret mansions armed with bionic dragons that will erase your memory and purge your wallet all while each being also less evolved than Spongebob Squarepants or Patrick, I'm going to de-friend you because I'm just tired of being agitated as a matter of course.  

3.   Today the kids have off from school, all except the oldest two, who are staying at school until around 5 or 6.  I also have a mountain of laundry to do, to recover the couch that may or may not have been crushed as a result.   

4.  I'm still doing a poem a day, I just don't always collect them.   Here's today's entry...

Proof I'm a Mom...

Today, the words"Hey! Don't run with scissors."came out of my mouth in proper context.

5.  Halloween is coming.  I am not ready.  Halloween is coming.  I still have to throw a party for my 8 year old.  Halloween is coming and I just threw out a pumpkin we bought that rotted. Halloween is coming and I am scared.  I am stressed.

I have an anime character I don't know, a witch, a person who has no idea what he wants to wear except whatever it is, it's nothing I suggest or that he can think of, because he doesn't really want to dress up, a girl who wants to be Annabelle from the Percy Jackson series who is SURE everyone will know who she is, the 10th Doctor or the 11th, he's not sure yet, Pinky Pie, another witch, a Dinosaur and I'm not sure what the youngest will be, because she loves costumes, but she's also contrary by nature and every time she sees something scary or Halloween in nature, she crosses her arms and says, "No!"  She does love chocolate so that may be the key to her stubborn heart.  
Yes. I own this book.  Yes I ate the last of the Chocolate.  Why are you surprised? I said I was stressed. 

6. I signed up two of my kids for the Celtic Solstice 5 mile run in Baltimore. They will be running with their Aunt, Uncle and Cousin on December 15th.  It should be fun.  Now considering compounding the schedule by signing up two or three kids for basketball.  Why? Because I'm a light touch, a sucker for the vision of my kids being on the team, I love going to cheer them on even as I don't like practices.   As much as I want to be out in the world, I do love it when we have a free weekend with nothing on the books.   Both High schooler's plays end in three weeks, then it's college application forms and financial aid sheets until Thanksgiving.  We also have to start working out more as a family, the traditional Gorillas vs. Wolves football game on Thanksgiving has a 0-5 record.  This is our year.  Maybe.  

7. Yesterday I restarted Small Success Thursday over at and I'm SO glad I did. It allowed me to discover some new blogs, to feel refreshed in spirit, and then, there's this touch of loveliness over at a blog I'd never seen before, The Beautiful Music Challenge.  The sample she put out of their work for Advent is really gorgeous.  Go.  Listen. You won't be disappointed, except when it ends, that you can't go buy it now, and that Advent isn't yet.  

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