Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Apocalypse

It's August. Which means it's time to buy shoes, get haircuts, school supplies, find the math books that I've stopped hounding about, find the book list that I put in a prominent place so it wouldn't be lost, schedule dental appointments, or....or....or....we could go to the pool this afternoon and I'll order us dinner from the stand, chicken fingers, French fries, lemonade and funnel cake.  

Okay. Maybe we could schedule all those things and find all the things but instead of the pool, which would wipe us out physically, we go berry picking or buy ice cream?  Or go the park? The movies?  Play baseball?  Fish!  We haven't gone fishing yet this summer.  How about that?  That would be fun and kinda (sorta) kinda educational.   Yeah.  We could go to the aquarium!  That would really seem educational.  Or the museum! Or the mall to see the monuments.   We could play in the hose!  We could make tomato salad and grill corn on the cob.   See a parade, a concert, go to the fair.  I'll buy us fried oreos or fried something if we go to the fair.   We could see cows, we could go horseback riding.   We could visit a farm and get eggs and pet sheep.  

It doesn't have to be huge, but it could be. Let's hike Sugarloaf mountain or skip stones in the creek near our house.  Let's rent a canoe or go biking on the trail next to the C&O Canal.  I'll take us to the airport and we can watch takeoffs and landings and sip Slurpees.   We'll stay up late and watch meteor showers or go out at dusk and catch fireflies and watch the bats.  Anything. Everything.  All things but please please please please please....don't tell me school starts August 26th.  I'm the parent, I'm the grown up, I'm the adult for crying out loud, and I'm so not ready for summer to end.  

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maria mcclure said...

I feel the same way. :(

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