Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Worth the Wait

Most followers know that my book was originally slated to debut in May of this year.  I will tell you, I cried when the day came and went and we were still deep in the editing process.  No book.  It was okay I told myself.  I wanted the Book of Helen to be as good as possible, so this was necessary.

Waiting for something good is always an opportunity for grace.   Because we had to wait, my mother will be here the day the book is available to the public.  I get to share the experience of this book with my mom. It is a gift my heart would have asked for, but never dreamed would come true.

These sort of unexpected moments, like tomatoes you didn't plant that bring forth fruit just the same, these are the stuff of heaven, a letter in the mail, a compliment, found quarters, falling into a book you didn't expect to like, the ice cream truck driving down your street, running into a friend at the pool, and children deciding to pick up their instrument and play their hearts out, these are glimpses of heaven.

What do I mean?

Heaven is not harps and clouds and static.

Heaven is an endless reunion, where you are delighted and delightful.  Heaven is coming home to a clean house, to a cooked meal, finding the garden in bloom, seeing a meteor shower because you happen to be outside.  It isn't constant stimulation, it is constant joy.  We can't grasp it because our joy comes in moments and try as we might, and there are some committed to trying, we cannot hold such feeling, it ebbs away like an exhale or the tide pulling back.  It will come again, but not because we will it. We may orchestrate moments to try and conscript and create the sentiment, but it is a seizing when we feel joy. It does not come on command, nor does it stay confined. It is a quiet flood of happiness that often leaves us speechless. "Oh!"   I said it when I saw the ocean for the first time.  It has been uttered when children were born, when snow fell overnight, and when I tried tres leches cake for the first time.   The first response to joy is to reach to tell someone, anyone, to share the moment, joy shared is multiplied, like the loaves and the fishes.

So I'm happy.  My mom is coming to town and we'll get to share this moment.  It would have been special before this, but this makes it more special.  More joy.  My daughter asked, "What are we doing to celebrate?" and I truthfully don't know, because the celebration has in a sense already started for me.  But I get it, she wants to share in the moment and a party seems the most appropriate way to make it happen.

I'd tell you we're eating Greek food and the like, but I think we'll feast with steak fajitas and sangria, and maybe some obnoxious chocolate dessert!  Then I'm posting a note to myself with the Book of Penelope...it is the motto for the purpose of the Book of Penelope.  Worth the wait.

Thanks for sharing in this moment.  August 9th is just three days away!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you! (And the 9th is my half birthday and I'm looking forward to getting your book!)

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