Thursday, August 29, 2013

Small Success Thursday

Week 2 of the restart of being grateful once a week (at least) formally, for all that I have been given. 

So today, I am mindful of the gift of my oldest son, William.

This week, we sent him back to school to start his Junior year.  It is hard to believe.  I will miss this son that sees when things are chaotic and  plunges in to help.  He  makes dinner. He does dishes. He makes his closest sister laugh and smile more than anyone else.  He takes himself to mass and the sacraments.  He is a gentle brother, he loves them all, even the ones who drive him crazy, and he plays with them, all of them, on their level.  He always seems to have time or make time for his family.  It is a great gift to all of us.  

Again, this week, I thank God for my friends, especially those who call out of the blue and are willing to waste time on the phone and help me laugh at the things that can zap the joy out of life. 

I also am very thankful for my mom.  She is  a profile in courage and love.  Today she takes my father to a new home where he will hopefully have a better opportunity to heal.  It is a hard thing to move him.  She shepherds him well in this hard journey.  In their house is a picture of my father and her, carrying the cross through the streets of Jerusalem, my sister and I both love it even as it haunts, for it tells their love story very simply as all good pictures must. 

Amongst my small successes, I'll announce:

1)  I am working on paperwork.  Since I hate paperwork, even starting takes an enormous amount of energy.  Yay me.  Now...quit blogging and get back to work.

2) I wrote a birthday card, now I have to find the address book so I can mail that sucker.

3) My kids have made it to and been picked up from school on time this week so far.  One forgotten lunch bag, one forgotten homework assignment, different children.  I'm not yet nuts. 

Your turn.  I'm going back to the paperwork mines. Pray for me.

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Anonymous said...

I, too, have done some paper work today.
I vow that I will clear the dining room table by the weekend, and then finish up the organization and notes for our CPA to do our taxes.
This was my week to make some major decisions and to thank the people who have helped me at the nursing home.
I have also done some reading this week- Book of Helen is not just on my nightstand.

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