Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sauce for the Goose

Patrick Archbold over at Creative Minority Report and National Catholic Register created a piece called, "If I Hated Women," so I thought, turn about is fair play.  Thus I give you the counter point that also might be considered, How Screwtape intends to destroy men, If I Hated Men...

If I hated men, I'd systemically destroy any value they could derive from providing for their family through work, any self worth that could be found from being a husband or a father, and tell them all the time, they aren't needed, they aren't necessary.

If I hated men, I'd tell them that by just getting the woman to take a little pill every day, their work load will be easier, fewer mouths to feed, that there is no need to love more.

If I hated men, I'd create a constant stream of new stereotypes that portrayed all married men as ignorant slavish thuggish buffoons.  
If I hated men, I'd make them presume every relationship is erotic or pre-erotic, such that they'd be afraid to get to close to anyone, male or female for fear of being used.  

If I hated men, I'd saturate their days and nights, their every waking moment with images of pornography. I'd make sure they were constantly focused on sex as a form of recreation and release, and not a means of intimacy and love.  

If I hated men, I'd make them want to constantly take pills to fix everything, from hair to not feeling like one was sexualized enough.  I'd make them worry constantly that they were somehow less than normal for not being constantly on the hunt.  

If I hated men, I'd look to destroy every activity they ever liked by portraying it as always being in poor taste, or oppressive or exclusive or outdated, so that no one could ever catch a pass, hunt, fish or box or do anything considered once "manly" without extreme guilt, thus eliminating the pleasure.

If I hated men, I'd make them worry about every thought they had being patriarchal and thus innately oppressive and sexist, such that they would engage in reflexive self loathing correction to ensure their own words always received approval.

If I hated men, I'd constantly put down the accomplishments of men, declare that all evil in the history of the world was purely the result of men, and declare that all the ill that is in the world now, is also the results of mostly men and thus all men's fault in all cases, that we'd be in utopia by now if the men of this world and the history of the world, had just gotten out of the way.  

If I hated men, I'd tell them they are gross vulgar creatures that women humor out of a misguided indoctrination from their less evolved parents, and that the best they can hope for, is a society of women that tolerate their presence.  

If I hated men, I'd tell them that they need not be fathers or husbands or gentleman, that they need not be courageous or strong or faithful or steady.  They must only play as women would dictate, and should not introduce their own sense of wonder into the world, because it's probably not as wondrous as they think it is.

If I hated men, I'd tell them they're not as capable of love, they're not as capable of being loved, and they're never going to evolve to be as good as women. 


priest's wife said...


Therese R said...

great post Sherry. So glad I didn't miss this one.

Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

A always...definitely sharing!

Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

A always...definitely sharing!

federoff11 said...

If I hated men... I'd convince them that mutilating their reproductive powers would give them greater pleasure and more control over their lives. I'd tell them this was being "responsible" towards the women in their lives, and never let them consider learning self control through natural methods of family planning instead.

LarryD said...

this was excellent!

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