Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You Might Be a Catholic if...

Everyone knows You Might Be a Redneck from Jeff Foxworthy, today, we'll do a variant, "You Might Be a Catholic..if"  Leave your own at the end. 

25.  If you say "And with your spirit." without having to remember now.
24.  Yesterday you were humming Copa Cabanana.
23.  You've been accused in com boxes regarding political issues of being both a conservative and a liberal, often on the same site. 
22.  There is always something scheduled on Sunday.
21.  You don't think the Rosary is too long. 
20.  Your children have names that are not directions or places, feelings or food.
19.  There are more than 6 stick figure smiley figures on the back of your car, and there are more people than pets. 
18.  You view all sacraments as Sacraments, not Church flavored variants of State licences.
17.   Lumen on your Kindle.
16.  Your understanding of God doesn't always allow you to agree with your political party.   
15.  The Day after Thanksgiving, you start hunting the stores for three purple and one pink candle.
14.  Your DVD collection includes Rudy, LOTR series, Babette's Feast, The Song of Bernadette, A Lion in Winter, Miracles and The Way.
13.  You didn't know there were other colleges than Notre Dame until you started looking at colleges. 
12.  Have radio dial set to EWTN and know the cable channel.
11.  Before kids come asking you to help find their shoes, they state, "Yes, I prayed to Saint Anthony."
10.  There is a Pro-Life Bumper sticker on the car. 
9.  There are at least two prayer cards and a rosary inside your purse.
8. Your kids know the mass times. 
7.  Have eaten a Filet-o-Fish.
6.  There has been at least one heated discussion amongst siblings about taking all the good saints names when the subject of confirmation comes up.
5. The woman in charge of altar serving always puts your kids on the holiday rotation at the early mass. 
4.  You knew it was NFP awareness week before it was NFP awareness week.
3.  Have a favorite title for the Blessed Mother, mine is Undoer of knots. 
2.  You don't aspire to be good, you aspire to be a saint.
1. You know you're a sinner, and there's a sacrament for that. 


Kevin J. Bartell said...

26. You're the only non-gamer in town who knows anything about the Middle Ages, and the only non-Wiccan who cares.

Sherry Antonetti said...

Two from my sister that I love,

When your children put their hands in the sink and then make the sign of the cross. (True story).


My favorite, also true because my nieces rock,

When your toddler says, "If Mary's a Queen, that makes me a princess."

EddieS said...

You have (very old) dried out palm leaves behind crucifix's around the house.

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