Monday, July 1, 2013

Light in the Darkness Meme

The writer of Four Blessings Academy (who I met through Small Success Thursdays), created her own Internet meme, Light in the Darkness.  I like the idea. She put a post of a comedian she got to see in person as a gift for Mother's day.  You can join in at her blog.  

1.  Some weekends, it is hard to get to mass.  I mean you oversleep, you can't find shoes, there's a fight going on, someone started fixing breakfast and so the mass time scheduled keeps getting bumped back.  We were going to the 8:30, not everyone was up, how about the 9, same problem. How about 10:00?  Someone started showering and someone else went outside for a run.  How about 11:30? are this kid's one pair of shoes...can we use any other kid's shoes....where are my shoes.... purse....purse...I don't need my purse...what time is it?  What are you doing eating lunch?   So we're going to the 1 o'clock.  I don't like the one. The car needs gas.  We're running late.  We ARE GOING  TO THE FIVE!  Everyone HEAR ME?????  WE ARE GOING TO THE FIVE!   We made it. And for a moment, it was perfect. But there was still a fundamental issue of trying to get all of them to realize that owing to individual impulses, today was spent primarily trying to get somewhere and being mightily thwarted.  

 When we came home... 

2. My husband directed everyone to the backyard.  There is a lot of strangle weed.  He directed us to pull on one vine in particular.  It took all 11 of us (Anna watched but Paul helped too), pulling as one, over and over again, to uproot the weed.  It was over 60 feet long.  But there was something to that 15 minutes of counting and pulling and slipping and ranting at the plant, counting to three and barking about cooperation and pulling and the like, it revealed a truth we'd been trying to drive home, that together, we could accomplish what alone, we could not.  

3.  Some sort of critter got into our garbage last night. I'd made cornbread and chicken for dinner.  This morning, there were drumstick bones and egg shells on the driveway for me to clean up. But the mystery of the moment remained. We'll never know which came first, the chicken...or the egg.   

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Maria said...

Thanks for joining me, Sherry! What a great revelation...after everyone's individual activities prior to church, then all working together to tackle that weed. Family working together is definitely something to lighten a burden.

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