Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not Even the Foodie in Me

I love our road trips. My husband always finds the routes less traveled so we get a glimpse of the surreal that is this land of the free and home of the brave.  Braver than me anyway food wise. 

Exhibit#1  Signs for "Stop Now! Rat Cheese!"

I know we were in the Smokey Mountains.  I also know that it is actually a form of very mild cheddar.  I also think no one in their right mind says, I'm feeling peckish.  I could really go for some rat cheese.   No matter what the tradition, it needs a better name.  Just saying.

Exhibit #2  Bear Meat Next Exit.

Mildly peaked by the prospect of engaging in a fit of Darwinian one up manship on a seemingly more dominant omnivore, I still couldn't bring myself to consider purchasing Bear Jerky.   I may be a foodie, but I'm not a non discriminating foodie.   Even memories of reading about Laura of Little House in the Big Woods jumping for joy hoping her pa would bring home a bear drumstick could not make me reconsider. 

But the one that sealed the deal, that I am a yuppie foodie and not naturally curious is exhibit #3. I saved the best for last.


I'll just let you consider the reality of that little delicacy.  My kids speculated on the nature of this food sight unseen.  They envisioned the capturing of countless amphibians, the marrow of their bones being used as natural pectin, and a meaty chutney of some sort being formed.  I had to stop the conversation.

Upon arriving at home, I went online to determine if our caution in any way was warranted.  Naturally Google has everything so I learned that Frog jam was actually a convection of figs, raspberries, orange and ginger.   Sounds good. 

So now I'm looking forward to freaking out my children with my daring, and serving them crackers with rat cheese and a touch of frog jam.  Maybe I'll order some smoked bear just to finish off the dish just for fun.  

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