Saturday, June 8, 2013

7 Only One Day Late....

1. My  poor dusty blog. It's been so long since I wrote an actual humor piece.  I have one in my head that's been kicking around but so far, time to pull all the threads together hasn't presented itself and I don't have more than two humor lines yet to the story's shelved.  That's why I keep doing this 7 quick takes, it lets me post something. 

2. Yesterday I learned that a friend --who had drifted into acquaintance level as a result of time and distance --our lives were no longer in proximity to each other for quick catch ups and laughs and occasional deeper moments of conversation, died from a brain aneurysm.  I frequently feel as if when presented with grief, I get still, almost stuck, where everything takes effort, everything is difficult if not almost impossible to do.  It's not that I cry, it's that I shut down, and it takes real will to begin acting again.  Pray for the repose of two souls that I know and will miss. 

3.  So I talked to my editor and she thinks Helen will be ready to roll perhaps as early as this week. I'm sort of stunted and blunted as I told her, by all that is going I'm feeling both anxious and not ready.  We'll see. 

4.  Today I have to help plan a party for 13 seventeen year olds tonight.  Tomorrow is the Parish Picnic.  Then it is the last week of school...and I'm thinking, I want the dog days of August, when the day feels soooo slow, time flows like syrup.  Yeah. I want one of those sorts of days, where the accomplishment of the day is you did NOTHING.  

5. Yesterday I got to help volunteer with a 7th grade BBQ and as a result, got to know several families I didn't have a working knowledge of as it simply wasn't a class I socialized with much.  It seems I just can't help myself, being with other people is the greatest energy source I have, and it was lovely to hear new stories.  

6. Today a tropical storm is supposed to dump boat loads of rain on us, but it doesn't feel as if that will happen.  It has the feel of summer about to burst on the scene.  Every year I make a bucket list for summer so the 7th item will be that bucket list. 

7.  The Bucket List don't have to do everything, but you should sure want to...

100. Waterballoon fight
99. Cook out...ribs...make it take all day.
98. Hunt Fireflies.
97. Pool. Any day. Often.
96. Star gazing. Find constellations and get lost in the sky.
95. Read at least a book a week.
94. berry picking.
93. Baseball. (Watching).
92. Go fishing.
91. Home grown tomatoes.
90. Go to movies.
89. Hike in the mountains.
88. Skip rocks.
87. Ice cream for dinner.
86. Go to the zoo.
85. Go to a museum.
84. Go to an amusement park.
83. Fireworks.
82. Library once a week.
81. Go to a concert.
80. Put on a concert.
79. Host a party.
78. Go out to dinner at a place profiled on the Food Network.
77. Spend an hour a week at adoration.
76. Go for walks with each of my children.
75. Date night once a week.
74. Sleep in.
73. Poker games.
72. Vacation.
71. Invite friends over for dinner and cards.
70. Visit Family.
69. Write letters.
68. Paint a room.
67. Make pie.
66. Go to a winery.
65. Listen to new music --expose self and children to jazz/blues as part of a different genre.
64. Perfect fried chicken recipe.
63. Help son participate in half marathon.
62. Teach daughter to drive.
61. Potty train son. 
60. Camping. Honest.  I wouldn't mind doing this in the summer....
59. Pick up my guitar and start relearning what I've forgotten.
58. Write bulk of book.
57. Go out to lunch with girlfriends.
56. Do nothing all day.
55. enter a contest.
54. play more board games.
53. chalk draw the whole driveway --which is very long.
52. Go to DC chili cook off.
51. Water park for the older kids.
50. Exercise....what?  I should want to do it. 
49. Create a scrapbook with daughter who likes doing this sort of thing.
48. Garden to help grow those tomatoes.
47. Go to a parade.
46. Listen to live music.
45. learn a new piano piece.
44. Learn a magic trick.
43. Bubbles.
42. teach daughter to skate.
41. Amaze children by creating play dough.
40. Go to civil war battle fields and other historical places.
39. Feed the ducks.
38. Ride a horse.
37. Splash in puddles.
36. play whiffle ball league.
35. miniature golf tournament of champions.
34. teach son how to cook.
33. learn how to cook something new.
32. go to a circus.
31. swimming lessons.
30. Driving lessons.
29. draw.
28. paint.
27. participate in a 3-5K
26. get my hair done.
25. discover a new restaurant.
24. bocce ball, horse shoes and crochet
23. fix something.
22. plant a tree.
21. find some way the whole family can give back to the community and do it.
20.  nerf gun fight
19. sunday brunch
18. hide and seek
17. go to Baltimore and play tourist.
16. go to DC and do the same.
15. go to the little tykes summer program at the park for my littles.
14. Sprinkle park for littles.
13. Castle Park for all.
12. Ice cream from the truck.
11. lemonade stand.
10. binge reading day.  No chores. No school projects. No errands. Just you, comics or book of your choice, a soda and a blanket. Enjoy.
9. Lego challenge --we will use every lego in this house to create something. It will take everyone all day. It will be awesome.
8. Play video games with children until I am no longer schooled.
7. Notice that no where on this list was mate socks.
6. say a family rosary once a week.
5. Walk the mall with a friend.
4. Fly a kite.
3. Write about these adventures.
2. Declutter home.
1. Thank God for every day no matter what if anything happens.


Cathy Turney said...

Yep, life can sure get in the way of writing. Especially humor!

Anonymous said...

Love the list! Looks like the makings of a great summer. I might just have to borrow a couple ;-)

S. Kate said...

Thank you for the list!!! I was getting worried that you might not do it this year and I love it! I even searched pinterest and found a list that was infinitely inferior to yours! Summer can now officially start!

~ A NH reader and fan

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