Saturday, February 16, 2013

Slumming Saturday

In the interest of making sure that I provide content more often than my life currently allows, I shall start a schedule of providing Spambot inspired links to prior gems that obviously have some relevance to today.  Since no one thumbs through prior blog posts, and I've written over 1,466 posts, there should be some gems back there that people either never read or forgot.   Thus, Saturday shall allow the various spammers that clog my email account daily to help me comb through the archives.  

Today's gift,

I invite all bloggers to participate in "Slumming Saturday."  Take a spambot generated post and post it on your blog with the Slumming Saturday title, and then link here in the combox section.  It will be like potluck without the casseroles that no one wants to touch.  

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