Sunday, January 20, 2013

Miracle Drug to Cure Everything!

That's right!
I found the fountain of youth!

This little wonder can help you lose weight, gain patience, improve mental clarity and muscle coordination.  It relieves stress.  It improves physical performance.  And best of all, it doesn't involve exercise.

Not only that, taken regularly, it has long term life rejuvenating effects. It strengthens the immune system, heightens creativity and reduces the signs of aging.  

Further, it is all natural. There are no harmful side effects the require a lawyer to speak with auctioneer style clarity and speed listing how wrong things can go.  It's also free and available for use by people of all ages. 


You guessed it.

I went to bed early.  


maria mcclure said...

Almost free... In my house if I go to bed early, I need to make sure everyone else does too, lest there be destruction and mayhem whilst I slumber. But yes - a good night's sleep is a potent elixir. :)

Nancy Shuman said...

Love this. Am terrible about taking the prescription, however. Sigh.

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