Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Small Stones

For the past 30 days, I've been writing poetry as part of a practice to keep writing, to jog my brain, to tune my eyes to see what otherwise gets passed by.  Writing Our Way Home --Small Stones, is a facebook page project that invites all people to consider creating a poem a day.  Here are some of the pieces that came from that experience.

Poem #30
The Orange Unexpected Joy

of seeing a friend
seemingly lost before
to the business of lives,
hers and mine and time
time time time
erased in a moment
of accidental meeting
as we catch up
in a hallway
of a school
about kids
about books
about how much she hates football
and I love it,
and my heart goes home buoyant
as the first day of Kindergarten.
Where I'd been mourning
and dining on the rind
of a relationship,
I'm reminded of the taste of deeper fruit.

Poem #29
Not Because I Haven't Tried

Does she persist
in having a knot in the left side of her hair.
I cut it too short you see so
to have the right look,
she tied all the rest of her locks
to remind me,
you may be Mom
but I am in command.

Poem #28

With the rain and the ice
there is one thing she knows is sure.
Her father's arms as he carries her
carrying the umbrella
because the bus that should have taken them
didn't come.

It's hard to post these, as I have to retype each of them and I have to scroll through Facebook and there are 890+ members.  That's a lot of poetry.   If you like them, let me know, and I'll dig up a few more.

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