Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why I Voted For Romney

The election is over.  The President has secured another 4 years.  I wish him well as leader of our country and hope his stewardship of our nation improves from past experience. 

But I thought I should tell you why I voted for Mitt Romney.

I voted for Mitt Romney because I am pro-life. 

The President has signed into law the HHS Mandate that requires all Americans with the limited exception of churches --not schools or charities or hospitals, to pay for sterilizations, birth control and abortions even if doing so is in direct violation of one's moral code or religion.  If you don't believe me, go read the damn mandate or do a search of it for abortion. I have. It's there. 

I voted because the Current President sends unmanned drones to bomb countries in the War on Terror, killing innocent civilians without any more qualm than the prior president did.  (And I was troubled then).  And I hoped if there was a change, the press would wake up and pursue truth or at least less than the White House Spin.  I also thought there would be more desire for an end to foreign wars than there seems to be, or do the deaths of countless innocents abroad and soldiers far from home (2000+ in Afghanistan) only matter if the Commander in chief has an R attached?

I voted because the current President's first act in his first term was to repeal the Mexico City Policy that had prohibited the spending of federal dollars abroad to fund/support abortion. 

I voted against Planned Parenthood continuing to receive 300,000,000 in tax dollars to use however they see fit, which is mostly to lobby for more support of Planned Parenthood.   They don't do mammograms. They only do referrals. No one would be robbed of the opportunity to get a mammogram by defunding them. 

I voted against a man who voted against providing medical help to infants that survive abortion attempts while in the State Senate.  You may say, that was a long time ago.  I would say, it doesn't matter.  He wouldn't help those born if the mother had willed them otherwise. 

I object to my nation's treasure going to fund things I KNOW to be evil and immoral even if they are completely legal.  

Before anyone lectures me on how Not Pro-life Mitt Romney is, recognize I know the candidate I voted for is imperfect.  But the President is an aggressive advocate of abortion. 

So one issue voter --you betcha.   I had no illusions about repealing Roe-vs. Wade, nor was I entertaining such notions, but I did hope the nation might not think funding them unchecked forever might cause some pause. 

For those who say Safe, legal and rare...55 million plus children have been lost...or 1/6th of the population since 1972.  3000+ a day.  At what point, does it stop being rare?  

I voted in hopes that a new President would stop some of these things. I presume the current President, since he continued or started these things, won't.  

Do I sound mad?  Yes. I'm disappointed.  I knew there would be loads of hard work if Romney won.  But there's even more because he didn't.   We have a lot of hearts to move if only on this issue, that all life is sacred.  All human life is precious, from unborn to elderly.  The other issues to me are turf wars and pork barrel projects, fights for bragging rights and titles.   I'm pro-life.  That's why I vote.  That's why I voted.  


John Henry said...

Silver lining: Four more years of a hawkish Democrat as Commander-in-Chief may be enough to spark a real pro-peace movement among conservatives. Obama made it not-cool to oppose acts of war on the Left; it seems to me he is also making it cool to do so on the Right. What if four more years of Obama is what it takes to get a true pro-lifer nominated in 2016?

Plus, Obama seems like a healthy guy, so there's very little chance that Biden will ever be president.

Colleen said...


Cheryl said...

I agree with you Sherry. My vote wasn't so much for Romney as it was for changing the path of the current administration and the democratic party. I voted Republican because I can't forget that the Democratic party tried to take God out of their platform and the delegates at the convention booed when God was put back into the platform. I can never vote for any party that wants to remove God from the world.

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