Thursday, January 26, 2012

Small Success Thursday

It's Thursday so I'm here.  It's 9:05 but I'm here. 

This week was a week of successes, some of which aren't finished.

1) I made it to Alexandria on Monday for a friend's funeral service. It was good to go and be there with other people who loved her.  I will miss her much more than our regular contact with each other would seem to indicate.  

2) I worked on Helen.  Every word is progress.

3) Survived all 12 of us getting the stomach flu over the past 7 days.

4) Now climbing out of the mountain of laundry.

5) decided to pick up drawing on Wednesday as a means of exercising and old talent.  I used to want to be an editorial cartoonist in my high school days.  My first attempt is up as "Doomed Romance."

6) Started cleaning out my oldest son's room.  The emptiness is more in me than the drawers.  I know he's only an hour away and I know he's coming home in the summer and stuff, but there is an absence in the house that I feel keenly.  

7) Restarted the exercise routine today.  (Now that I'm healthy). 

Now it's your turn!


Maria said...

I think all #3 qualifies as a HUGE success! Hope you're all feeling better now.

Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

Great week! I agree with munchesmom on #3...I can't even imagine.

Sahmatwork said...

Agreed, these are HUGE successes! Congrats!

Judy Dudich said...

So sorry you have been ill. Blessings for a swift and full recovery! I see you have ten kiddos like us! I can imagine the laundry you will have to do after 12 having the stomach flu...I feel fortunate now that we only had strept throat and bacterial pneumonia last week. Stomach flus are MUCH worse. We will keep you in our prayers! And, I sending a mommy hug to is SO hard when sons leave home! But, the visits are oooohhhhhh so wonderful:)

JJ's Mom said...

Ummm..#3 was all you needed to post! That would have sufficed for the whole week and then some! And congrats for getting back in the gym - keep on truckin'

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