Thursday, January 12, 2012

Small Success Thursday

It's Small Success Thursday and I'm here. 

Some days, that's an accomplishment.

Today we recount the past week and take stock of those little things that add up to a lot of love.  It can be folded laundry, an exercise routine, anything; but we recognize that the small victories in life often go uncelebrated with a trophy and music and a parade and ice cream.  So here, we're having a trophy and a parade and music and ice cream (virtually speaking). 
It's a trophy made of ice cream.  I thought it looked yummy.  Though I'd add some hot fudge....I miss food.  Diets stink.  

What did I do this week:

1) well, I exercised twice. It's not yet regular. It's not yet brag worthy, but it is a small step towards a regular routine.

2) I worked on Helen.  Every day.  She's getting better and I just realized I have to kill the first chapter which doesn't get you into the story, it's more background. So I'll integrate it later.  But we'll start with introducing you to Helen ASAP.  After all, it's called the Book of Helen, she should be first. She'd tell me that too. 

3) I was asked if my ten tips for writing humor could be used as part of a lecture on Humor Writing at the Erma Bombeck Writer's Conference --with proper credit.  Coolness.   I can't go this year because 1) it's sold out and 2) I'll be in Florida that weekend --rough life I know. 

4) Went to adoration for an hour.  Discovered "Be Still and Know that I am" is very very very hard for me.  But I loved it. 

5) Reading a new book.  Ten.   Will review here when I finish. 

6) Date Night tonight to see "The Artist." and I'm really looking forward to it. 

7) 7 of the 14 laundry baskets have made their way from the living room to their respective rooms. Granted three go to mine, but still, I can see some of the floor.

Now it's your turn:


Anonymous said...

1. Went to a Bible study yesterday.
2. Ordered a birthday present for one Grandchild.
3. Purchased items necessary for my Husband's comfort.
4. Took all the decorations off the tree.
5. Crossed some non essential errands off my list yesterday, so I could attend a night meeting.

munchesmom said...

Yep...that "Be Still" direction is VERY tough for me, too! My mind is always going in many different directions.

Great job this week!

JJ's Mom said...

What a wonderful week you had! Exercise in any form should be congratulated! I'm pumped for you. I just dove into a new book too - My Life With the Saints - and I'm loving it!!! Please share your review when you finish!

*kate said...

I LOVE the ice cream trophy!
Congrats on your good week! "Be still" is hard, really hard. So is exercise :)

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Wow! Great week for you...way to go:)
I must admit, however, that I can not FATHOM having 14 laundry baskets! We have 8 of our 10 kids still home and I own THREE laundry baskets. What on earth is IN your baskets? How many people live in your house?!? Seriously??? FOURTEEN laundry baskets??? I am flabbergasted by this...can you tell?
::drops mouth open in best *aghast* expression that she can muster::
Incidentally, I have always told my eldest daughter that she is the "Erma Bombeck" of the 20th/21st century! She will think your "success" totally rocks.

Monica said...

Great week! I miss regular Adoration so much.

SherryTex said...

In answer to the How come you have 14 baskets?

One for each person plus one for socks and one for sheets/towels.

Laundry is everpresent because at the end of any day, there are at a minimum, 62items of clothing and at least 4 towels to wash.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

I like your idea of giving "socks" their own basket! Do you wash socks separately from other clothing items?

We do about 4-7 loads a laundry per day, 6 days per week...and try to keep to a "no laundry on Sunday" rule...but...that is a rule made to be broken when there is someone ill or there's an accident or spill or some other daily-debacle that creates "extra" laundry.

I am enjoying hearing about your laundry system! I'd love to know where you KEEP 14 laundry baskets...does everyone keep his/her baskets in their own room or do you have some wonderfully huge laundry room or shelf-system that keeps them all in one place?
Do tell! BTW, how many children do you have at home Sherry? (It's so fun to glean ideas from other industrious Moms...thanks!)

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