Thursday, December 22, 2011

Small Success Thursday

I know, it's 9:30 and this wasn't up yet. 

I could blame it on Christmas, but my preparations thus far are far behind where they need to be.  It's just, somehow, when the kids are home, it's harder to launch the morning.  Paul still has school through tomorrow, and it's really cramping my day.  Top that with my daughter's birthday tomorrow and it's swamp city. 

But folks, today is Thursday and thus we celebrate the week even as we wait for Christmas. 

This week, I'm blessed by answered prayers, and by the grace of getting to be in a small way, an answer to a heart's desire.  When we get the impulse during this time, to do something more, we should listen.  It could be a wish in the child like heart of an adult that has gone unvoiced to the world, but which the Holy Spirit directs to a listening soul to enact.  Ask and ye shall receive, that is part of Christmas and the grace of this season.  Even ask for the absurd, for the little (bourbon balls) and the great (health).  I believe this with all my heart.  

Towards that end, I am behind on my daily rosary (by the whole of the Glorious yesterday and two decades from Tuesday and all of today's).   So I've got some quality time I've got to address.  Today I have a stress test where I'll be stuck on a tread mill or sitting in a Dr.'s office so it will happen.  But you will be in those prayers, and all that you ask for, all that your hearts ache for, all that seems impossible but is so needed.   God knows, but ask anyway.  

Ask! Mirror your children in their fierceness of asking,  mirror their great hope and recognize that your love for them and generosity with them, imitates God's with us in all things.   Ask because it is a way of preparing your heart, ask for the grace of seeing the star, of recognizing Christ in the stable, and if necessary, for the unexpected generosity of the three kings and let the peace of that night settle on your heart despite the very very very very very very long list of what needs to be done.  

It will happen.  Christ comes to us.  This is the all of Christmas.  Our hearts will be full.  
To all of you, Merry Christmas!

Oh...and this week, I made bourbon balls for my parents and mailed them, had a big prayer answered and realized I need to get ready for Christmas and I'm not.

I also recognized that this past semester has been brutal on my brain, body and psyche with the multiple schools and constant driving and I didn't know or allow myself to notice it until I stopped at which point, exhaustion set in.

Worked on decluttering. Exercised but it's still only once a week. Bleah.

Also recognized I'm a bit burned out from everything,so I'm going to let this blog take a week off, to let my brain rest and return fresh and ready to go, January 1st. Love to you all.

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Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and restful, peaceful week to you, Sherry!

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