Thursday, June 24, 2010

Small Success Thursday

What matters is always what should always matter.  Little things.  Great love.  So this week's Thursday Small Successses are very small indeed but I'm working on it.

1) Went to Bed Bath and Beyond and Walmart, had container fever. Got bookshelves for the little girls' room so we can showcase all the books they want read at bedtime.  Got two memory bins to cover Paul and Regina's pictures.  Got a filing cabinet and consolidated all of the taxes.  Bought a CD catalog case to put away all the CD's that have lost their original cases.  Now I have to use all these things.

2) Plumber came and fixed upstairs shower and basement sink. Yeah. Both are working again.

3) Driving lessons, swimming, Karate and tutoring all proceeding according to schedule and I haven't collapsed.

4) Had friends from out of town over last night, it was fun but way too late.

5) Got daughter to orthodontist (yes the appointment I forgot two weeks ago) on time. Her smile is beautiful.

6)  My brother and his dog survived a fire that destroyed everything else.  My cup is full.

7) Surprise today, opened the Catholic Standard to find a piece I wrote and submitted two weeks ago, published!  It's not yet online or I'd put a link.

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MightyMom said...

that's a WONDERFUL week!!

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