Friday, October 2, 2009

You Keep Using those Words...I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

The song "Isn't it Ironic?" isn't, but the fact that it isn't, is. This week, the theme as been, ironic quotes by people of power, influence and celebrity status who theoretically know better.

Michelle Obama: Thursday morning, Mrs. Obama thanked fellow Chicagoan Oprah Winfrey for joining her in the Olympic pitch saying: "We dropped everything — dropped everything — to be a part of this team." Praising the team work, the first lady said: "As much of a sacrifice as people say this is for me or Oprah or the president to come for these few days," the team has been working for years."

Who says getting a luxury lobbying trip to Copenhagen is a sacrifice? I want to know.

Documentary film director Michael Moore, who has become a millionaire thanks to the profits from his movies, told that “capitalism did nothing” for him.

Given his feelings, I won't torchure his soul by adding to his fortune via a purchase of movie tickets.

Whoopi Goldberg on "The View" offered a spirited if insane defense of Polanski by suggesting that whatever he was guilty of it wasn't "rape-rape".

Right! It was statuatory rape and child molestation and drug date rape.

Harvy Weinstein (circulating a petition for clemency or rather, no consequence) for Polanski engaging in a bit of odd reasoning. Weinstein said that people generally misunderstand what happened to Polanski at sentencing. He's not convinced public opinion is running against the filmmaker and dismisses the categorization of Hollywood as amoral. "Hollywood has the best moral compass, because it has compassion." He bases this on the fact that they did fund raising in wake of Katrina and the tsunamis.

Memo to Weinstein: moral rightness in one area of life does not erase moral bankruptcy in another.

And then finally, not to be out done, the Vice President Joe Biden say, "In my wildest dreams, I never thought it would work this well." talking about the stimulus package.

Res ispa loquitur. (The thing speaks for itself).


Karen said...

Democrats estimate of the taxpayer cost of the President's trip to Copenhagen? $1 million

Republican estimate of the taxpayer cost of the President's trip to Copenhagen? $10 million

Actual taxpayer cost of the war in Iraq from its inception to August 2008? $550 billion

The cost of splitting hairs and semantics when there is already so much division and suffering in the world? apparently priceless

SherryTex said...

I'd heard 2 million, never ten, but frankly, the POTUS and FLOTUS have garnered the right to go where they will and lobby for the country and I would have been all about getting tickets to the Olympics in Chicago so I didn't begrudge the cost one penny. It would have been fun.

I just think someone might want to look up the word "sacrifice" in the dictionary.

MightyMom said...


Janny said...

Difference between the significance of the pleasure trips of Mr. and Mrs. O to Copenhagen to get face time on international TV and the non-pleasurable but very NECESSARY trips of troops to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places where they basically breed hatred of America and all it stands for...INFINITE.

If that's hair splitting, then I'm applying for a cosmetician's license. :-)

No one working currently in the Oval Office has "garnered" ANY right to waste so much money from so many taxpayers for so much personal enjoyment. As for Barry, he and Michelle haven't figured out yet that he's not the president of CHICAGO, he's the a result of a vote cast by the most ignorant, uninformed, and hoodwinked electorate in this nation's history.

The rest of us, who know better, just have to hunker down and hope that this far-from-royal couple won't leave the country in irreparable shambles by the time aforementioned naive, uninformed, and ignorant electorate loses interest or gets fed up with the jokers and boots their butts out.


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