Saturday, June 6, 2009

Top Ten Red Shirted Ensigns Rejected Mottos

My son is done with school, and currently searching for a job. As such, he has time on his hand and I am subjected to conversations that I must admit, I would have found fascinating when I was sixteen, but then I was a nerd back when nerd meant shunned personally.

“Hey Mom?”

“Did you ever wonder what the motto would be of the red shirted ensigns in Star Trek?”

“I mean, how about a blog entry with the top ten rejected ones. What do you think?”

“Come on Mom, it would be cool. Didn’t you like Star Trek in high school?”
“Actually? No. In fact, I told one girl I thought Star Trek was dumb and she threatened to beat me up unless I took it back.”

“Yes. She got really mad when I said it was boring, and proceeded to tell me line by line the one about the tribbles."

"So when did you become a fan?"

"I only saw Wrath of Khan when I got to college and your Dad then took me. I didn't want to go. But you hang around with a person who loves it and eventually, you go and see III and IV, and just when you're getting into it, the ever lame almost killed everything V. The “What does God want with a Star Ship?” to which I answer, “To get the heck out of this movie as fast as possible.” Who wants that on their resume, Alien who pretends to be God in Star Trek 5?”

“Someone who used to be a red shirted ensign?”
“Good point.”

"By that point, I was invested so I forgave them when Undiscovered Country rolled out."

So without further adieu…
Rejected Slogans of the Loyal and Extremely Mortal, Red Shirted Ensigns

10) We never die the same way twice!

9) I’ll go first.

8) To advance the plot and fill one.

7) Aieeeeeeeeee!

6) The Life Insurance Policy for Star Fleet really kicks.

5) Maybe I’ll be the exception to the rule.

4) I’m with the captain -->

3) Are you sure the phaser is set on Stun?

2) Too Good at Target Practice to be a Storm Trooper

1) RSE’s, Ready to die so you won’t have to.

Special love to "Not Named Jeffy" for the Post and several of the Mottos.

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