Friday, May 15, 2009

Once More Into The Breech

I'd let this go, but the argument came from a dear friend who holds that because President Obama is NOT Catholic, the 2004 United States Council of Bishop statement on Catholics and Political life, does not apply.

By this reasoning, the decree asking that Universities not give a platform or awards or honors to people in positions of leadership or power that advocate/vidicate or promote positions antithetical to the Catholic faith (like say, abortion, stem cell research, and other hot button issues), only applies to Catholics not being true to their Catholic faith.

Okay. Let's go with that interpretation. Then, we are saying, we shall not honor people being hypocritical to their professed Catholic faith, because it is the disengenuousness of the individual that hurts the Church if the Church via the University, validates their position.

But it's okay if we're hypocritical to our own Catholic faith via the University by honoring those who legitimately disagree? If the graver sin is disengenuousness...

So the bottom line by this thinking is, we can honor President Obama at the University of Notre Dame, we just couldn't honor Joe Biden.

Look. Abortion kills children, but it also destroys souls and I'm not talking about the unborn, I'm referring to the mortal peril caused by agreeing to or performing such a henious act upon the innocent. Giving a platform to this President, given his predilictions on this topic, and past policy decisions, both before the election and since, provides comfort to those who would say that abortion is simply a hard imperfect decision, and not a moral issue with grave consequences.

Pray the rosary. Ask Mary directly to ask her Son for a miracle. The Lord listens to his Mother.

If you are new to the blog, check out Perhaps Why, Why the Notre Dame/Obama Scandal Matters and Yes I'm Still Mad, and Notre Dame Choses between God and Country. I keep thinking I'm done with this, but it is so hard to bear.


Anonymous said...

It just doesn't make any sense, does it?? You make a good point, okay to honor Obama, not okay to honor Biden.
It is all so very irritating,( and more,) to me too!

dotty said...

its hard to witness that others don't actually believe. they say they do, but their actions and words give them away. accepting all behaviors isn't believing in His teachings. He didn't say "tolerate" the actions of others/non-catholics. He didn't say to mistreat them but He did NOT say honor them. its good that you care and will pray for them. they need it more than they know. He said it wouldn't be an easy road to follow His way bc others won't want to let go of sinning and will make fun of you for trying--you silly lady--such a simpleton you are that you don't see things as clearly as they do even if it goes against His teachings. they must be right bc its easier and popular.

Anonymous said...

the "obama isn't catholic so its okay to have him speak" to kids who aren't "choosing" to go hear him speak--they are going to their own graduation so its not a "debate of open discussion" --that justification bugs me the most---follows along the lines of--- NOT expecting illegal immigrants to follow our laws bc they aren't citizens. Pelosi, surprise, has said such bc it wouldn't be nice. Its treating people differently for the wrong reasons. The notion that some people "can't" follow laws so we have to allow them to break the law is not respectful nor what Jesus taught. If someone is here illegally and commits another crime, its too "hard" to deal with deportation; so, they ignore the crimes-it would be an ugly PR mess. Its easier to plead "niceness"(they don't know any better-how degrading)-- as the reason to do nothing and cross our fingers there won't be any further consequences. That is the goal--to appear NICE and to remove all consequences for personal behavior/choices on those grounds that way we won't also hold the govt accountable for its behavior--that wouldn't be "nice". But, one can't escape consequences forever, can one?

MightyMom said...

here's my take.....

Obama isn't the point here. The noteworthy thing here is this:

3-4 MILES of protesters outside ND this weekend.

SEVENTY-NINE bishops unite to speak out against this situation...FOR a wholly orthodox Catholic belief (I ask you, when is the last time you heard of THAT happening!!)

Just as we would not have been saved without Judas. (THINK before you poo-poo that.)

I believe that this situation will ultimatley be a very good thing for Catholicism. As there is no faster and more sure way to unite a group of people than to give them a single common "enemy" (the "enemy" here being this situation, not any particular player therein)

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