Thursday, September 25, 2008

This is a Personal Note

Normally, this blog is devoted to the silliness of parenting and the crazy attempt to impose structure, logic, reason and safety on the ever growing expanding minds of children, affectionately known as non-sentients in our home.

(Hint, any child at any age can be a non-sentient; all they have to do is something that to the adult brain makes no sense on any planet whatsoever).

However, recent events have made me feel awed.
Awed at the help that others have offered.
Awed at the prayers of people I will have to wait to meet in Heaven.
Awed by the generous response of my family and community, when there are countless things, big and small which demand their attention.

I have in my life been both excellent and absolutely awful at writing "Thank you notes." Once after a baptism, I dutifully copied down everyone's gift and address and had the stamps and envelopes ready to go...I lost the log and thus could only muster feeble "Thanks." And I know I forgot some people in that process who I only hope can forgive my foolish disorganization and mistakes. It seems nothing but sheepishly stupid to admit these sorts of things, but then that's what mistakes are, sheepish foolishly stupid actions that can't always be fixed, only amended after the fact with large dollops of contrition and forgiveness.

So thank you everyone. Thank you for visiting, for your prayers, for your kind words, for reading. Thank you for supporting my family with your words and well wishes. Your kindness is a balm in this very busy world that seems to forget that peace is what we should be seeking in our lives, in our hearts, and looking for in each other.

After all, Christ's first words after resurrecting were "Peace Be with you."

(Actually, they were "Ta Dah!" but that's been removed from the record).

P.S. For those interested, the Catholic Standard did a follow up piece that includes a picture.

Cut and paste the link to see Paul. I still haven't manged to master putting in certain types of links. Thanks for visiting.


Thank You Notes said...

(Actually, they were "Ta Dah!" but that's been removed from the record).


Anonymous said...

Oh Sherry, he is adorable! I'm glad to hear everything went well - you, Marc, and the kids have been in our prayers. Lee Ann

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Great picture - and great article, too...

Who is in charge of meals? Please let me know so that I can try to sign up.

MightyMom said...

oh now he's just adorable!!

He's very pink, which is a wonderful blessing! (did I mention I'm a pediatric nurse??)

it's wonderful that he's healthy enough to wait for surgery too! That's exciting.

When I read the first article it sounded like he had a 1 chamber heart....which is a much more difficult row to hoe.

God Bless you and your family...there are many fabulously exciting times coming your way

MightyMom said...

oh and I love the "Ta Dah!" comment....may have to use it myself sometime!

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